Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY hoops

post by: Scunshine

So Emily and I made some new hoops the other day! It was a great experimentation and we definitely want to make more. We didn't get the most ideal materials, being a little short on cash, but we both love our new hoops. I think the most frustrating part was even trying to find materials. At one point we had to drive all the way out to Evans to find the right connectors for the tubing. The next batch of hoops we make will definitely have the pvc tubing instead of pex, and hopefully lots more people can join in on the fun! Here's some pics from Emily's phone-

Materials we used-

-3/4" 160 psi PEX tubing (with 1/2" connectors)
    -This isn't the ideal tubing since it's a little harder than PVC and does not heat up  and get soft to insert the connectors. We found that out the hard way.

- Hockey Tape (for grip)

-Electrical tape (for shiny :P)

Here's a few links to DIY tutorials that would be helpful if you're interested in making your own hoops (recommended by

Or if you don't feel like reading a whole bunch, here's a video tutorial by Natasha31683

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