Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hardcore Hooping

Every time I hoop in public, people always seem to stare, but most people usually just pass by without saying a word. There are a few who will stop, watch, and tell me how they haven't hooped since they were a kid. I've only been a "serious" hooper for two years now, and I'm not really even very good. Hula hoopers are a real crowd pleaser though! It's fun. It's nostalgic. It's sexy! And it's a lot more physically demanding than some people may think. It takes a lot of encouragement for some strangers to pick up a hoop and hoop with us, and it's always fun when a male comes along acting all tough and macho about it. Hula hooping isn't sissy, BRO.

I've injured myself several times while hooping, mostly when I was just starting out. Look at how ugly this bruise is! And this isn't even it at it's worst. I used to get bruises on my arms and neck from hooping dangerously, and it left several people asking me what my boyfriend was doing to me. Nothing!

Once Kathryn even managed to get a bloody nose while hooping! That statement may be misleading, but I'll let her tell you that story.

Since my early days of hooping, I've developed much more graceful contact with the hoop and I've had far fewer pelvic bruises like this one. It just takes some time and practice and a lot of ice and tiger balm to get there.

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