Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hooping at my first rave

This epic shot courtesy of the Fence Sitters

 The rave- Ultravoilence- was held on Friday by a local group called the Fence Sitters at Sector 7g, Downtown Augusta.  My friend Ashley is actually a part of the group so I went with her and we had a blast. It was pure dancing, fun, and I met so many awesome people. I had a lot of friends who told me I wouldn't have a good time because I was over 21 and it would all be younger people, but you know what? They can have their bar scene dancing. This soooo beat going to the bars downtown and having unpleasant experiences with skeezy men on the dance floor trying to get between me and my groove. There were a few times when a circle even formed where people took turns showing their stuff, and Ashley practically pushed me in the first time. I'll have to say that the improvisation of it made it my favorite "performance" so far. I did manage to bang up my ankle pretty bad on my last turn in the circle and I'm still really sore but I seriously can't wait until the next one! Looking at these photos, I think I need to replace the batteries of my LED hoop- it was red almost the entire time. hm. time for a trip to walmart!

the Fence Sitters

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