Monday, September 12, 2011

Restless Hoop Syndrome

I think I've been stricken with a serious disease. It's called Restless Hoop Syndrome.

- The most common symptom of Restless Hoop Syndrome is the complete lack of ability to stay still when there is a hoop in your hand or around your body. another major symptom to look out for is hoop-related ADD, which can manifest itself in obsessive watching of hooping videos during work hours, daydreaming of new moves in meetings, and spending large amounts of your time in bathrooms trying to choreograph a song you heard on the radio on your way to work in the morning. Restless Hoop Syndrome can be summed up as a constant and STRONG desire to be inside a hoop at all times.

These symptoms can start to interfere with your daily life if the syndrome is left untreated. You may notice that you've started to lack interest in conversations that aren't about hooping, or that your non-hooping friends are constantly wary when you get your hoops out of your car because they know you'll be spending the next hour in blissed-out silence and they'll be left with no one to talk to (as you're wondering, why won't they trryyyyyy ittttt?). At jams, you might be the only one left spinning while everyone has conversation and bonding time as they take breaks. You may have already broken important items with your hoop, such as a pair of glasses or ceiling fan blades. You might endanger your pets on a daily basis as your attempts to nail a trick fling themselves right at their favorite resting spot (as you're wondering, why won't they mooove?).

If you've experienced any of these symptoms and fear you may be experiencing the effects of Restless Hoop Syndrome, DON'T PANIC. There is treatment. It's affordable and will only take a small amount of effort on your part. Here it is.

Embrace it. Find supportive friends. Find a perfect practice space, somewhere that inspires you and enables you to grow as a hooper and dancer. Find your flow, then challenge yourself to go further. Most importantly, no matter what anyone tells you about your "weird" hobby or "waste of time" activities, no matter what the world may think of some "crazy hippie" spinning in a park all by themselves, no matter what, KEEP HOOPING.

So I guess that's that. If says I have to keep at it, I just have to. Not going to let anything stop my flow.

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