Saturday, May 4, 2013

Refreshing my focus

As my blog is titled, this space is focused on "Augusta Hoops." I realized recently that this title has been misleading, since, when you visit this page, it looks like it should be titled "Christina Hoops," instead. I think it came from how I originally started hooping- on my own, with only YouTube to collaborate with. I was completely unaware of the already-present hoop community in Augusta. Now, I've got no excuse not to post everyone and with that said, I'm going to make it my mission to post all the latest "hoop-enings" in the CSRA. Whether it's video from my fellow hoopers or special events where they will be performing, there's a lot of us here in the CSRA these days and it's about time this blog showed us off!

If you're interested in joining up with any of the hoopers in the Augusta/Aiken area, we have a group on facebook called Augusta Hoopers Anonymous. Join up and send us a shout out!

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