Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Augusta Hoops in Pride 2014

 A small contingent of hoopers and flow artists represented for Augusta Pride 2014 this past Saturday in both the parade and the festival throughout the day. Already looking forward to next year!

The Parade contingent! Jess Lankford, Cosmo Franz, Christina B,
Ashley Gills, Urion Franz, Lacee Deanna, and Donna Savage

Shay Muhammad hooping at the commons, photo by Happy Bones

Christina B(me),  Lacee Deanna and Jess Lankford hooping, Cosmo Franz
juggling in the parade! Photo by Pablo Bravo of PB&J Photography 

I'm hooping in my happy place in the Pride parade!
Photo by Pablo Bravo of PB&J Photography 

Lacee Deanna bee hoopin in the Pride Parade.
Photo by Augusta Spotted

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