Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(Flow) Arts in the Heart

Arts in the Heart welcomed flow artists and hoopers to the stage again this year and we had a great time! 

Still from the Augusta Hoopers WHD choreography on Friday at the Global Stage

Photos and a bonus video below

Amanda Boyd worked the doubles at the Flow Arts spot
on Saturday at the Family Stage. Photo by Rhiannon Martin

Chantelle "Cleazy" Clark, the juggling queen!
Photo by Rhiannon Martin

Dear ol' me, in my "spin pants" sewn by
Donna Savage. Photo by Rhiannon Martin

Erin Patch with some rock and roll hooping.
Photo by Rhiannon Martin

Yay for Shay! She learned the WHD choreography in practically
 a week and came out to hoop with us for her first performance!
Photo by Fred Swindell

Some of my favorite hoop ladies, Ashley Jess and Emily,
did a hoop trio at the Flow Arts spot on Saturday.
Photo by Rhiannon Martin

We all had so much fun! Here's a video of some of the Augusta Hoopers 
introducing themselves with a little  improv at the Global Stage.

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