Friday, April 17, 2015

Teaching at FLAME 2015

This weekend I taught at FLAME festival 2015- my third year in a row! Flame is held every April at Cherokee Farms, a venue a little outside Lafayette, Georgia. Flow artists from all over gather for three days of nonstop spinning, education, and my favorite part: fire! If you're ever curious about flow arts community and need a great vacation that will inspire you, I highly recommend this festival.

This year I was voted to teach three of my workshops- Hoops 101, Hoopsicality, and Smooth Moves: Hoop Transitions. They are all subjects that I absolutely love to teach, so I was super grateful to have the chance to bring them to Flame. The photo above is from Hoopsicality, where I led hoopers in exercises to help connect them to the music in new ways in order to dance with more musicality. In Hoops 101 I had some of the freshest hoopers at the festival. It was super fun to give them the foundations for hoop dance and we rocked it out at 9:30 in the morning despite the threat of rain. My last class of the weekend, Smooth Moves: Hoop Transitions, is pretty self explanatory. I shared my thoughts on crafting hoop transitions with a great group of talented hoopers. If you want to check out the video descriptions I made for the workshop voting, check out my Youtube channel here- Scunshine

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