Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hoop Dreams

Maybe it's a sign that I think about hooping a little too much (but you can never really think about it too much, right?), but I dream about it a lot. Usually I'll just dream that I'm jamming out and it won't be a big deal, but every so often I get a hoop anxiety dream. This is the kind of dream I get when I'm getting really busy in real life or something stressful is going on. This particular brand of nightmares of mine used to be populated with zombies, but now something bad will happen to my hoops.  I can't decide which one I prefer.

The first hoop nightmare I remember was right before school was going to start back up for the fall semester. Whenever I tried to hoop, my hoop would unravel like a rope. I went through at least 4 hoops in the dream and woke up thinking I didn't have any left.

Lately I've been having really long days at school. I'll go to class around 9:30 and for the past three days the earliest I've been home is 8:45. It's not particularly bad, just tiring. This morning I had a hoop dream that showed me some repressed emotions of protection and a bit of craziness.

Here's the dream- Kristin, Emily and I had just finished performing and partying at a Mardi Gras celebration in downtown Augusta and it was early in the morning. Being slightly hung over, no one was interested in driving but we were all interested in getting food. Augusta's geography was slightly rearranged for my dream-space and there was a Dunkin Donuts down the street that we started walking towards it. We came upon some houses and one of them had a bunch of junk strewn around the yard. On closer inspection, the junk was actually pieces of tubing- pieces of our hoop tubing, to be exact! We walked onto the yard to look closer and when I found my LED hoop all bent and twisted around a bush I flipped out! I marched up to the house, grabbing a piece of Kristin's fire hoop (which was made out of metal in my dream) on the way. When I reached the house I started smashing windows in a rage and screaming into the house, yelling obscenities and demanding that the people who lived there come out and face me. It was so insane! I was a such a psychopath I kinda scared myself, ha ha.

There was even a kid inside and I started yelling at him that his mother was an (expletive) and that she would cut up his toys just like she did to ours. Finally the woman came out of the house and tried calming me down, but I stayed angry the whole time. And you know when you feel emotions outside of a dream about what's happening in your dream? I was even getting mad like that! She tried explaining that she was just jealous of us and she was only having a little bit of fun but we all just got madder and started yelling at her. Then Donna, who I guess had followed us from downtown Augusta, came around the corner of the house. She calmed everyone down and acted as a sort of mediator until we could all talk civilly. I remember her saying that the lady would buy us all new hoops, and Kristin started yelling that they couldn't be replaced and I started crying until the woman agreed to buy us all new hoops and sew our costumes.

I woke up then and had to go check on my hoops in my studio, just to make sure they were safe.

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