Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Protohooper lives!

Three months ago I went to Ming Yat, a Chinese restaurant in North Augusta, and ordered my usual orange chicken combo with an eggroll and chow mein. Whenever I go there I tip, even though I always get my food to-go. The owner tends to gift me with extra fortune cookies in return. I think this has allowed me to get more of my fortunes fulfilled thanks to the increased odds the extra ones give me.

One of these fortunes I recieved that night read, "Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you." It stood out to me because it was so specific- usually fortune cookies are very vague. Since it mentioned a specific date- October 19, I wrote it down and taped the fortune to the mirror I have in my studio. I was curious to see if it would come true. In a way though, I think putting it there helped me fulfill it, instead of it just happening.

When I found out that the ASAA/PUB talent show at school was happening on October 19th, the fortune was the only encouragement I needed to act on a strange desire to perform in it. I've never been a performer, so it's a bit surprising that I even convinced myself to do it. Since I took up hooping, however, all I've wanted to do is share it with the world- and if I have to be the one to do it, so be it! Now, with a couple performances under my belt (Chocolate Festival, Sinners and Saints dance showcase, talent show), I've realized that I am definitely an attention-loving Leo- but only when I'm in my hoop! I can't get enough of it! With the shows all over and most of the photos/videos uploaded, I'm left looking for my next performance to get this attention-craving hooping alter-ego her fix. I call this hooper in me something my husband helped me come up with- Protohooper.

The Chocolate Festival at St. Mary's in Aiken was my first chance to perform (though it was more of a demo) and I was super nervous. I dropped the hoop a couple times on really basic stuff since I was literally shaking from nerves. I did get the important parts though, like the foot-hooping switching which had plagued my practices. After the song was over for my routine we broke out some hoops the PE class helped me make and students and their families were able to hoop for a little while. Once the music started back up again for the "jam" session, I fell into my normal hoop groove and stopped feeling so nervous. I'm glad that was a part of it, since I think a lot of the kids really enjoyed it. Next year I hope to perform as well as sell hoops at a booth with my lovely hooper friends.

My second shot at performing was at the Sinners and Saints Dance Showcase held at Sky City in downtown Augusta. It was put on by Kristin and Donna of Fierce Fusion Bellydance, and since they're both hoopers themselves they welcomed me to their dance family and I couldn't be more grateful. So far this has been my favorite performance because the atmosphere was so much fun. Dancers from all over were featured that night and backstage was an exciting place. I'd never had a chance to do that whole thing before. It was also the first time I really got to experience an awesome sound system to dance to, which pumped me up like no other. I remember laying down for the foot-hooping part of my routine (which Donna's partner captured awesomely) and going, "Holy crap, I can feel it in the floor!" Here's a shot of my makeup from that night after I got home from the Pizza Joint (yes I got funny looks)-

My latest performance was tonight at the school talent show, which was fun in a different way. Besides hooping in the Quad at school, I haven't ever had a chance to perform for my fellow students. It was also the largest crowd I think I've ever been in front of, and that's including elementary school church-choir productions. It was just awesome to show people something they've never really seen before and experience the whole audience being so into the performance. I mean, I fudged a bit and the hoop slid off my foot when I was hooping on it, but the sound from the crowd was exactly how I felt. It was like everyone was saying, "aw man!" at the same time out of disappointment and not that I was sucking it up.  Though a lot of people said to me that they thought I should have won, I'm really happy for the woman who did and I was honestly just glad for another chance to perform. Anything for that fix, right? The photo is a shot Joshua Hopperton took  for Pacer Times from the show. I love James' face in the corner there :D

For the curious- here's the routine I did for all three shows. I'll be switching it up soon :D

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