Friday, December 17, 2010

Wise words from Hoopalicious

Anah Hoopalicious is one of the pioneers of hoop dance. I have so much love for this woman for taking hoop dance to such an artistic level and above all, sharing her incredible knowledge with those around her. My favorite parts of her interview-

"It's really been mindblowing to me to see how receptive people have been. How ready people are, I think on the planet as a whole, how ready they are to fully open up, and fully become magnified in their truest most powerful self. and to really let other people in. It's like we're looking at each other like,' hey, we're all in this together, truly, and I love you because it's easy to love you and because it's automatic. I don't have to grow to love you. I love you because there's nothing else existing in me but love, and it's easy.'

"I just want to encourage you to not get stuck on the image of, 'Wow that looks so cool I wanna do that because I want to look cool!' right? Just be aware of what is motivating you and what is driving you to do a certain movement, whether it be hoop dance or something else and really allow yourself to stick with your big ass heavy hoop for a long time if it really feels good to your body."

"There's just so much heart to staying with your own flow, whatever that is, little hoops, big hoops, medium hoops, whatever it is."

"We're already familiar with the relationship of our hands and an object in motion so that becomes kind of easy in a way... What I think really creates such an amazing mind-expanding, heart-expanding awareness is when we're now challenging our bodies to move something, we're challenging our bodies to make a difference in the world....What happens when all of a sudden our shoulder is learning to move something. It's like, 'oh, my shoulder literally knows how to pick something up and move it.' Your body is literally getting smarter. So now we have this body that is a genius!"

"Keep body rocking, it's good for you!"

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