Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year's Eve hooping

I really feel like I've been advancing lately. I've been pushing myself with experimentation and my flow feels like it's getting... flowier? Is that a word? Anyways, here's my last hooping of 2010. what a year it's been! I'm currently working on a one-year video summary, but I'll post that this weekend on my "hoopiversary".

On New Year's day I had an amazing session while visiting some friends in Asheville. It was cold and rainy but it was so awesome. I got to watch Jess as she experienced her second day in the hoop, and seeing her joy at putting her arms in seriously made me want to tear up. Her husband James spins poi and it was fun getting inspiration from a completely different set of skills. Though his expertise is in guitar repair, my own husband even hooped for a while, and I got ideas for moves as he "practiced" flinging the hoop around in his own unique, un-influenced way. He helped me come up with a move that I'll post video of in a bit.

So here's to 2011, with many more hoop-ventures to come!


  1. I can't wait to see your one year video :) I always love watching people's progress in those summary types.

  2. Hey I'm stoked to find your blog fellow hoophead. I'll be spying on you for sure. I was hooping today for an hour or two and wondered about 'advancing', am I doing it or not? All I can think of when I hoop nowadays is how bad I wish it was summer already and I could hoop to live music at shows and festivals and such. AND MEET OTHER HOOPERS AND DANCE WITH THEM! I'm so sick of hooping alone. I hoop at different Gold's Gyms in the winter as I travel around and get a kick when some bodybuilder comes to the room to stretch or something while I hoop. It's like, I up the ante when someone's watching and I miss that. You on the other hand don't seem to have any difficulty rocking it hardcore on your own :D Props for the space usage and brave wearing of glasses while hooping :)

  3. Omwoods I totally know what you're talking about! Sometimes I catch myself in what I call "showing off mode" and feel sheepish, but it always results in such a fun hoop session that I should just embrace it, ha ha. Do you ever go South in your travels? I live in Augusta, GA if you're ever in the area and want to jam. It's about 3 hours from Atlanta. Luckily our winter days hardly get too cold :D Thanks for the comments guys!