Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring hooping

Aside from the thunderstorms we've been having today, the weather lately has been absolutely gorgeous. After a lunch with a friend last saturday, the sunshine just called to me and I had to go find a place to hoop. I stopped at Hopeland Gardens, one of my favorite places in Aiken, and joined the multitude of families, wedding photographers and brides to enjoy the 80 degree weather. I've been trying to take it easy with my hooping to help my ankle heal, so in this video I'm using my largest hoop and I think the skirt slowed me down as well. It's still giving me trouble so I've declared myself on hooping hiatus for the week. Hopefully it heals and i don't have to go visit a doctor (with my lack of insurance)

1 comment:

  1. I am so jealous of your weather :)

    Beautiful hooping and skirt, and I love the people who turn their heads and gawk at you while they walked by, LOL.