Saturday, March 26, 2011

Virgin hoop burn

Two weeks ago I got to light up a firehoop for the first time! I've joined up with Pyroteque, the local fire troupe here in Augusta. My first performance with them will be on April 1st, the next First Friday event downtown.


  1. You look great! Most "first burn" videos they look so scared and hesitant with the flames, but you got right in there and just went for it :) Some day I'll stop using sparklers and try a real fire hoop. I hope I can get lost in it and enjoy the experience the way you seemed to.

    Congrats on joining the fire troupe! Good luck with your performance :)

  2. Thank you!!. I got to get acquainted with the fire by learning how to eat/ do contacts before I even tried the fire hoop unlit, which I think really helped me realize exactly how it behaves. Though in all honesty, I was shaking like a leaf!!! I ran over to the safety at the end of the vid there because my arms were about ready to give out, I was too full of adrenaline at that point.

  3. oh and the sparklers look so cool! I might have to try some of those out on the 4th of july!