Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not much time for hooping, too busy gradumacatin

I'm down to my last two weeks in college. This is equally terrifying and exciting to me. My main focus at the moment is the release show for Broken Ink, USCA's literary arts magazine. It's happening on Tuesday and I couldn't be more happy with the magazine and all of the beautiful art and writing inside it. We're supposed to have copies of the magazine in our hands Monday morning and I'm still waiting with baited breath. Last year we got seriously delayed when the printer ran out of paper, but this year the new printer has been awesome, so hopefully none of those shenanigans go on. When I get super stressed out I manage to squeeze in some hoop time to decompress, but for the most part I've been working on school and tending to my "real life" as it were.

People keep asking me what I plan on doing with my degree. For the record, I'm a fine arts major with a minor in creative writing. While I really do want to get some sort of graphics-related position, I usually don't tell them that I also sincerely want to become a hula hoop instructor, because I'd look like a crazy person. But seriously. I want to be a hula hoop instructor. One of the goals I set for my hooping this year was to become a better teacher, and I'm proud to say that I'm getting there. I hope to start some form of classes this summer, while I'm working part time between various trips. Even just an informal session once a week would make me happy.

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  1. Was just thinking of you, wondering how this was going with working toward teaching hooping this summer. :) Have you started? Are you enjoying it? More difficult/easier than you thought?