Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm back!!!

There's too much hooping goodness going on in my life right now to leave this blog alone.
 First off, I'm starting to teach a hoop class! Nicole from Aiken Yoga invited me and Emily to host our own hoop class on Saturdays at 1 in the yoga studio! This is going to be a great opportunity for us to improve our teaching and help spread the love of hooping to the Aiken community. We started out with a hoop-making workshop this Saturday with very happy results. There's at least 5 new hoop-converts in Aiken now, with many more to come! If you're interested in joining us, please register online here on the Aiken Yoga website.

Another exciting thing going on right now is the return of the Sunday hoop jam! Though now we've expanded to include people who do all sorts of flow arts and object manipulation. It's been fun to get to meet people who do staff, poi, even meteor! What's amazing to me is that within a week of starting the Augusta Spinners group on facebook,  there was already interest in a spin jam and people asking me when we could all get together. After two jams there's a dj interested in helping us out with music and plenty of curious onlookers who may become spinners themselves.  I'm excited to see this group expand!

Ahead of me is Pyroteque's monthly First Friday performance. We're doing a steampunk theme! So far this summer we've done Post-apocalyptic and Pirate themes, which have been really fun. Here's a photo of my post-apocalyptic getup and Pyroteque's new Sacred Flame fire hoop

and here's a photo of my getup for our Pirate night, as well as my own personal fire hoop from Sacred Flame (isn't it purdy?)

For this first friday performance we'll also be featuring some special guests. the ladies of Duality will be joining us all the way from Sharpsburg, Georgia.

I told you there's been a lot going on. Oh! and I got a job. I'm working at USC Aiken now as the Public Information Specialist. So now I've got funds for this hoop addiction! :D

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