Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hoop tape just got shipped :D

So I just received a tracking email from UPS about a massive order of hoop tape we just made. 6 hoopers in all have pooled our resources and we're about to have fancy metallic, glitter and prism tapes to make hoops with, along with some new gaffer to fill out what we already have. There's a possibility of a couple being for sale, so I'll post here if no one snatches them up right away. I'm so stoked.

Here's what our collection will look like when everything gets shipped

The metallics (from identi-tape.com)-

The gaffers (partly from Kristin and a couple from goodbuyguys.com)

Oh and I forgot to add the black and white gaffers to the mix. We also already have a massive collection of random electrical tape. So stoked for this endeavor!

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