Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mini hooping inspiration!

This post is dedicated to Kristin,  Augusta's firehooper extraordinaire and fledgling mini queen. Here's a pic I managed to snag of her rocking her LED/Fire minis at Pyroteque's Arts in the Hearts Show outside of Pyramid Music in downtown-

A few nights ago we caught each other in Pizza Joint and she mentioned feeling stuck with the minis. It's the same problem I've been having and why I haven't really worked on them as much as I could- what do you really do with these tiny things? I've seen some people do amazing stuff with them, so there is hope. One of my favorite mini hoopers is a girl named Tiana from California. She often works with just one hoop, but she's got some crazy pop and lock energy and her isolations are pretty awesome.

A lot of the moves I've been trying with minis have been based on poi moves. Here's a really cool video (despite the name) with some innovative poi moves that I hope to figure out eventually.
And since I never need that much of an excuse to post something with Rich Porter, here he is with another hooper named Lester doing some fire mini work. oh guh, I love this video so much. So much hotness!!

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